Updated Schedule + Unconference information

We are now less than one week away from Come Together: Digital Collaboration in the Academy and Beyond.

Our schedule for the conference has been finalized. You can view it here.

Information about the Unconference is available at our conference wiki.

If you have not yet registered online, please consider doing so, even if you intend to pay the registration fee in person at the conference.

See you at the conference!

Update: keynote abstract and participants’ projects

We’ve made two updates to the website:

1) The abstract for Dr. Diana Brydon’s keynote talk, “Community in the Global Realms,” has been added to the Keynote page.

2) A new Participants’ Projects page featuring digital materials submitted by our participants has been added. If any of our participants have digital materials that they would to be included on the page, they are invited to submit them to cometogether2012@gmail.com.

The official conference schedule will be posted soon.

Keynote & Travel Info

We have added new pages to the website with information concerning our keynote speaker for Come Together, Dr. Diana Brydon, and travel to and accomodations within Kingston.

A draft schedule of events for the conference has been completed, and will be emailed to our participants very soon. Once the participants have approved the schedule, we will post it to the website.

Call for papers – extended deadline October 31st

Come Together: Digital Collaboration in the Academy and Beyond seeks to explore the relationship between digital technology and academic, activist and artistic collaborations. Our focus is on how these collaborations come into being, what challenges they present, and how they are reshaping both the academy and the world at large. While we welcome all papers on the topic of digital collaboration, we are especially interested in those that examine the ways in which technology enables work across disciplinary, geographic, cultural and/or other boundaries, those that identify and/or propose solutions to the barriers that still need to be overcome, and those that offer frameworks for innovative forms of digital collaboration.

In addition to traditional 20-minute papers, we also welcome proposals for round tables, workshops and non-traditional modes of information sharing such as online presentations and discussion. We are pleased to receive proposals from all interested individuals, regardless of affiliation.

Potential topics include:

  • Digital collaboration between activists, writers, academics, artists, journalists etc.
  • The impact of digital media on pedagogy and learning at universities and beyond
  • The consequences of listservs, blogs, message boards and other forms of digital communication
  • Modes of thought or artistic expression that become (im)possible through digital collaboration
  • Copyright law and its effect on online collaboration, and vice versa
  • The Internet as a tool for coordinating or suppressing social, political and cultural activity
  • The “digital divide,” its consequences, and/or how it can be overcome
  • The economy of digital collaboration, or Wikinomics

Individuals interested in presenting 20-minute papers should submit abstracts of up to 300 words, and individuals or groups interested in proposing a roundtable, workshop or non-traditional session should submit a 500 word proposal outlining the format and intended aims of the session. All proposals should be emailed to cometogether2012@gmail.com by our extended deadline October 31st, 2011. The conference will be hosted by the Department of English at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario on May 11-13th, 2012.

For further information, please check our website at cometogether2012.wordpress.com, or follow us on twitter @cometogether12.